Diversified Investor Package

Our Diversified Investor Package is a great solution for non-property investors. So if you're looking to invest in shares or managed funds, this package provides you with the flexibility and convenience to manage your investment the way you want.

Features Fees & charges Overview
Minimum loan amount
Maximum borrowings

Up to 80% of the value of property offered as security.

Maximum loan term

30 years

Loan type

-  Standard variable (principle and interest)
-  Interest only

Split loan

Yes. You have the flexibility to split your loan to best suit your needs.

100% interest offset facility

Yes. Save on interest by offsetting the funds in your linked Everyday account against the balance of your loan. Note: Not all transaction accounts offer the offset facility. Offset facility is only available on variable rate loans.

Additional repayments

Yes. Pay off your loan faster and save on interest. Note: On a fixed rate loan, you may incur early repayment costs.

Redraw facility

Yes. Access your additional loan payments (minimum amount $50). Note: redraw facility is not available on interest only loans.

Repay loan early

Make additional payments and redraw on the variable portion of your loan.

Loan portability


Establishment fee

No separate establishment fee applies.

Annual fee

Yes. Annual fee will be charged when your loan commences and on the anniversary date thereafter.      

Monthly fee


Investor account (optional)

Yes. Your loan may be linked to a transaction account (Investor account) where you can deposit your rental income and other funds. Alternatively, you can keep your everyday transaction account separate from your investment account.

Overdraft (optional)

Yes. An overdraft facility is available giving you access to funds in case of an emergency. Note: If taken, the approved credit limit becomes part of your maximum borrowings.

Visa credit card (optional)

Yes. Option to choose from a Visa Gold or Silver credit card.

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